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  Title & Description # & Price
1868 Blue Jacket for Girl 9-11 Yrs

33 Bust - 24 Waist

This blue cashmere jacket is cut out in the front so as to show a white waist which is worn underneath.  The jacket is trimmed with a ruche and two bows of satin ribbon.

Yardage - Approx 1-1/2 yds 36" wide4




1868 Linen Collar w/Cravat Bow

14-1/2 Neck

This collar is made of fine double linen.  The edge is trimmed with embroidered insertion, and gathered Valenciennes lace.

Yardage - Approx 1/2 yd 36" wide




1868 Walking Dress w/Watteau Paletot

38 Bust - 30 Waist

Dress without trail and long paletot with beld and sash.  The suit is of brown poplin, cut bias.  The skirt is finished with two flounces which are set on with a brown silk piping.

Yardage - Approx 12-1/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Ironing Glove & Mat

One Size

This glove is used to portect the hand from the heat when ironing.  The pattern is of white muslin, ornament with herringbone stitch in red split wool.  This Mat will be found very convenient in rioning to rub off the starch which collects on the iron from damp starched clothing.  It is made of twine, and consists of single strips worked in point de reprise and joined by a kind of cross stitc.

Yardage - Approx 1-1/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Tyrolean Suit for Boy 5-7 Yrs

26 Chest - 24 Waist

The orginal of this suit is correctly copied from a Tyrolean national costume, and makes a pretty fancy dress of children's parties.  It consists of short trowsers reaching to the knee and a skirted jacket.  The suit is of black cloth with scarlet facings, a vest of scarlet cashmere trimmed with bright buttons, and a pretty suspender of green silk belt ribbon.

Yardage - Approx 3-3/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Jabot of Lace and Satin Ribbon

One Size

This jabot is made of a piece of Valenciennes lace, arranged on a small tulle foundation, and ornamented with bows of red satin ribbon.

Yardage - Approx 3/4 yds 36" wide




                       1868 5 Collars & 2 Cuffs

One Size

These collars and cuffs are made of fine linen, muslin, and lace.

Yardage - pieces of fabric and lace you might have depending on the collar.




1868 Black Velvet Watteau Paletot

Large - 38-40 Bust

This paletot is of black velvet, line with silk and a thin layer of wadding.  The trimming consists of bias folds of black satin, black lace and large passementerie buttons with tassels.

Yardage - Approx 4-1/2 yds 36" wide




1868 Burnous for Elderly Lady

Medium - 34-36 Bust

This burnous is especially designed for elderly ladies.  It is made with a cape, which is also arranged in a pleat behind.  The pattern is of black cashmere, with thin wadding and silk lining.  The simple trimming consists of black satin bias fold, silk tassels, and black lace buttons.

Yardage - Approx 3-1/2 yds 36" wide




1868 Galotti Paletot

38 Bust - 30 Waist

This is a simple tight-fitting paletot with a fichu of dark blue double-faced cloth.  Ple pleated parts are covered with a pieces of black grosgrain, with lace buttons and tasseled fringe.  The fichu, which is bordered with the same fringe, is laid in a few pleats behind and fastened under the belt.

Yardage - 2-1/2 yds 52" wide





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