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  Title & Description # & Price
1868 Sultan Paletot

34 Bust

This is a very elegant sack-shaped paletot.  An oblong rounded pieces is set uner each rounded front.  The model is of bear's-ear garnet velvet.  The trimming consists of black velvet bias folds edged with a double cord of satin of the same color, and tasseled fringe.

Yardage - 2-3/4 yds 52" wide




1868 Servian Paletot

40 Bust - 28 Waist

This paletot is of brown double-faced cloth.  The trimming consists of strips imitating Astrakhan, bias folds of brown satin, , each of which is sewed down with a black satin button and black tasseled fringe.  Large black satin buttons serve for fastening the paletot, which is bound aroudn the edge with black satin.

Yardage - 2 yds 52" wide




1868 Adeline Paletot

40 Bust - 30 Waist

This is a tight-fitting paletot of dark brown beaver, richly trimmed with bows and broad bias folds of black grosgrain; the trimming imitate over-pieces.  The belt and bows are also of black grosgrain.

Yardage - 2 yds 52" wide of Velours




1868 Mousquetaire Paletot

#8 Bust

This paletot is of garnet velours.  The fronts, which lap over above, are sloped below, and therefore do not lap over.  The trimming is put on both fronts; it consists of bias folds of black satin, black silk cor, black silk fringe, and large passementerie buttons.

Yardage - 2 yds 52" wide of Velours




1868 Colombière Paletot

36 Bust - 28 Waist

This tight-fitting paletot is of violet cloth, and is furnished with a hood and bound on the edge with violet satin.  The trimming consists of bias folds of violet satin and black poult de soie, and black passementerie buttons up the front.

Yardage - 2-1/2 yds 52" wide




1868 Black Cashmere Talma for Elderly Lady

Small - 30-32 Bust

This pretty talma is lined with silk and a thin layer of wadding.  The back is looped up and furnished with a cape.  The trimming consists of satin folds, fringe, and passementerie buttons.

Yardage - 3-1/2 36" wide Cashmere




1868 Brown Velvet Talma for Elderly Lady

Medium  34-36 Bust

The original of this is of brown velvet with a cape set on.  The trimming consists of narrow binding and folds of brown satin, which are sered on like cording; and brown silk tasseled fringe.

Yardage - 3 yds 52" wide




1868 Black Velvet Scarf Paletot

34 Bust - 28 Waist

This paletot is of black velvet trimmed with otter fur, passementerie buttons, rosettes with tassels, and wide black silk fringe.

Yardage - 4 yds 36" wide




1868 Camargo Paletot

36 Bust - 28 Waist

This paletot is of dark blue beaver, trimmed with wide and narrow fluting of black grosgrain; a bias fold of black grosgrain covers the place where the fluting is set on.  The back is finished with a double lappet of leated grosgrain.

Yardage - 2-1/2 yds 52" wide




1868 Assyrian Paletot

44 Bust

This paletot is of brown ladies' cloth.  The right front, which is cut out at the corner, laps over the left front.  The trimming consists of bias strips of brown velvet, brown silk fringe, brown velvet buttons, brown rosettes with tassels, and small rounded flaps of the same material as the paletot, bound with velvet.

Yardage - 2-1/4 yds 52" wide





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