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  Title & Description # & Price
1868 gymnast's Cap w/Revers

21" Head

This cap is of brown linen lined with muslin.  The revers is embroidered with a wreat of oak leaves worked in point Russe with black silk.

Yardage - Approx 3/4 yds 36" wide




 n 1868 Swiss Muslin Fichu w/Revers

Meduim  34-36 Bust

This fichu is of Swiss muslin, and lace insertion

Yardage - Approx  1-1/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Fichu of Swiss Muslin and Lace

Medium  34-36 Bust

This Swiss muslin fichu is trimmed on the outer edged and the shouldser with guipure lace.

Yardage - Approx 1-1/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Scarf Mantilla

Medium - 34-36 Bust

This mantilla is of black grosgrain.  The trimming consists of a bias strip of grosgrain which is lined and sewed on with satin cord.

Yardage - Approx 31-1/2yds 36" wide




1868 Summer Hood of Lilac Cashmere

One Size

This very dressy hood is made in one piece of lilac cashmere, lined with lilac silk, and trimmed with bias folds and corded with satin, crimped silk fring and a frill and large bow of cashmere.

Yardage - Approx 1 yds 36" wide




1868 Fruit Apron w/Bodice

One Size

This apron is very useful in gathering fruit or vegetables, and may also be used a a clothes'-pin bag when hanging up clothing.  It is of brown linen, trimmed with pleated worsted braid.

Yardage - Approx 1-1/2 yds 36" wide




1868 Chemisette w/Cuffs and Revers

One Size

This chemisette, with cuffs to match, is made of fine double linen, edged with a strip of brown and white stripe perclae, which is set on to simulate a binding.  A strip of brown percale is stitched on over the seam

Yardage - Approx 1-1/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Black Cashmere Talma

Medium - 34-36 Bust

This black cashmere talma is laid in pleats on the sides and in the middle of the back, and fastened down at the back of the waist with a grosgrain belt, which is run through small opeinings on the sides, and fastened in front under the talma.  the trimming consists of bugle passementerie of two widths.

Yardage - Approx 3-1/4 yds 36" wide




1868 Walking Dress w/Baschlik Fichu

36 Bust - 28 Waist

This dark blue suit consists of a double skirt without train, a blouse and a baschlik fichu with belt and sash; the trimming consists of worsted braid and rubber buttons.

Yardage - Approx 14-1/2 yds 36" wide




1868 Gray Mohair Blouse for Girl 12-14 Yrs.

34 Bust - 28 Waist

The collar anc cuffs of this gray mohair blouse are of striped blue and white worsted material.

Yardage - Approx 2-1/4 yds 36" wide





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