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  Title & Description # & Price
Gaza Dress

Misses Sizes 6-18

This ankle-length gown is composed of easy-to-construct panels that are perfect for pieced or hand-woven fabric variations, needlework, and other embellishment.  Create an heirloom with one of the traditional emb4roidery designs included in the patterns



French Cheese-maker's Smock

Misses Sizes 6-20     Men's Chest 32-46

This roomy pullover style is traditional garb for cheese-makers in Roquefort, France, and a comfortable smock for your studio or daily outings.  Popular choice for Medieval and Renaissance re-enactors.  Sized for men and women, the easy sew smock features shoulder yoke, simple narrow buttoned neckband, and optional underarm gussets.



Egyptian Shirt

Misses Sizes 6-18     Men's Sizes 32-44

This is a shortened version of the traditional Egyptian galabia or robe.  Loose fitting style with side panels and slit pockets.  The yoke can be turned to the inside, or to the outside for interesting contrast.  Instructions are included for knotted buttons, decorative cording, soutache appliqué, and lengthening the shirt to make the galabia.



Syrian Dress

Misses Sizes 6-18

For crossing the deserts of Africa or the urban landscape, this flowing dress drapes gracefully from a triangular shoulder yoke that's a perfect canvas for needlework or fabric artistry.  Pattern includes instructions for optional embroidery stitches and design motifs.



Turkish Coat

Misses Sizes 6-16

A favorite with quilters and clothing artists, this coat originated in Central Asia, where it is made in brilliant silks and floral cottons.  The boot-length reversible coat is perfect for inventive fabric combinations.  It features a quilted or trapunto border at the hem, neckline, and front opening.  Instructions for quilting and trapunto are included.



Afghani Nomad Dress

Misses Sizes 6-16

This traditional dress worn by nomadic women in Afghanistan is ideal for mixing fabrics and embellishments.  The raised bodice is fitted and has a neck opening that can be placed at front or back.  Pattern includes instructions for traditional embroidery stitches, fringed decoration, and beadwork.



Turkish Dancer

Misses Extra Small to 2XL

A beautiful three piece ensemble based on 19th century Ottoman Empire fashions, including flowing entari gown, fitted vest, and jacket.  Easy sew garments are perfect for wearable artists, costumers, belly dancers, and re-enactors.  Add elaborate embellishment with machine embroidery, braid trim application, and beadwork for a lavish look.  Wear with #106 Turkish Coat and the Turkish Pants from #119 Sarouelles for a complete and authentic look.



Little Kittel

Misses Extra Small to Extra Large

In Nepal, this wrap and tie blouse is traditionally made of velvet and worn under a wrap style chupa or jumper (like #131 Tibetan Chupa) or over a wrapped and pleated skirt formed from a sari or length of fabric.  The semi-fitted blouse features a wide band collar, tapered sleeves, and deep underarm gussets for ease of movement.  Pattern includes directions for wrapping and pleating a companion skirt.



Nepali Blouse

Children's Sizes 4-10

This traditional smock was called a Kittel, or over-garment, worn by workers in Germany, Switzerland, France, and other parts of Old Europe.  The full-fitting garment is pleated into neckband and cuffs.  Sleeves connect to side panels with gussets and are pleated an the wrists into buttoned cuff-bands. 



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