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Rodeo Cowgirl Skirt

Misses Sizes Extra Small - 2XL

Cowgirl up! Head for the rodeo, saloon, or dance floor in this Western-styled skirt with lots of flair. Both Views feature flared A-line silhouette, shaped waistline with front and back darts, waist facing, mid-calf length, lace-up back closing, and several easy-to-apply hip yoke shapes for fun. View A sports a shaped hem appliqué. View B has a swishy hem flounce and hip/pocket yoke. Make it in a variety of fabrics, then add your personal cowgirl statement in fringe and embroidery or studs and appliqué patches, to create an adventurous collection of skirts for everyday, weekend, and party wear.



Lindy Shirtdress

Misses Sizes Extra Small - 3XL

This dress comes from the 1940s when square shoulders, narrow hips and skirts that ended just below the knee were the height of fashion.  Our dress has an interesting bodice constructions, with shoulder and waist pleats and darts, and a shawl collar.  Skirt darts create a flattering look while adding plenty of ease in the hip area.  Elbow length sleeves with cuffs make this nearly a year round dress.  An invisible side zipper closes the dress.




1930's Day Dress

Misses Sizes Extra Small to 3XL

This 1930's Day Dress uses fabric economically, yet still looks chic and trendy.  View A features round neck with collar points and a peplum that is cleverly cut on the straight grain.  View B is more casual, with buttoned front, flounce collar and sleeves and eyelash pockets.  Both dressed have a flattering dropped waistline in back, back zipper, slightly flared skirt, and un-pressed tucks in front that eliminate the need for bust darts and create the fashionable broad shouldered look of the 1930's period.



Hollywood Pants

Misses Sizes 8-14

Movie stars Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn wore trousers with exceptional attitude before pants were socially acceptable, and made them essential components of every stylish women's wardrobe.  These Hollywood inspired styles include sporty knickers, classic trousers and kicky shorts or tap pants.



Beach Pyjamas

Misses Sizes 6-20

This casual, flowing style was the height of summer resort fashion in the 1920's and 1930's.  This one piece version with carefree sash features a full shawl collar that wraps in front and falls gracefully over the shoulders in back.  Wide palazzo pants give the appearance of a skirt.



Vintage Bathing Costume

Misses Sizes 6-20

In 1890, when women were just beginning to venture into the traditional men's sports arena, a bathing outfit could weigh as much as 20 pounds and cover up as much as full street dress.  Our lighter-weight version features a knee-length gored skirt that buttons over a one-piece romper, topped off with a jaunty cap.




FW-253 Dottie Batho          FW-253 Kathie Nunn

Swing Coat

Misses Sizes Extra Small to Extra Large

This easy, breezy coat is a snap to make, with just four main pattern pieces.  The front pieces have neck extensions tat stitch together at center back to form the collar.  The back is stitched into a back yoke and features a deep pleat for maximum "swing.)  Sleeves are narrow at the wrist so they say put when you push the up.




Swing Suit

Misses Sizes Extra Small to Extra Large

This classic 1950's silhouette has timeless appeal.  The trapeze jacket's wide lapels are stitched down to form pockets.  The pencil slim skirt provides a nice contrast to the jacket's fullness.



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