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  Title & Description # & Price
Japanese Field Clothing

Misses Sizes 6-16     Men's Sizes 32-44

Versatile and comfortable garments include the hippari (jacket) for men and women, monpei (pants) and padded jacket for women.  Beautiful in traditional ethnic prints or co-ordination new age fabrics.  Instructions included for traditional folded and stitched ties.



Japanese Kimono

Sized for men and women to 6 ft. tall

The timeless simplicity of this elegant garment is still enchanting.  This unlined informal kimono (yukata) can be worn in various lengths, as a dress, coat, or robe.  Pattern includes instructions for shibori dyeing, sashiko embroidery, and for making an informal obi or sash.



Chinese Jacket

Misses Sizes 6-16

This classic jacket in three lengths and with front or asymmetrical opening is descended from a formal court robe of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).  Since then, the garment has been simplified into a truly versatile design with different options for unusual closures.  Pattern includes heat transfer design for traditional embroidered motifs and instructions for embroidery.



Shirts of Russia & Ukraine

Misses Sizes 6-20     Men's Sizes 32-48

These popular shirts reflect a merging of European and Central Asian traditions, and can easily be lengthened for versatile dress or robe styles.  Three neck opening variations, including center front and side front.  Make the basic design quickly and then embellish it with authentic embroidery motifs.  Historical lore and embroidery instructions included.



Croatian Shirt

Misses Sizes 6-20     Men's Chest 32-48

A traditional fashion worn by peasants, farmers, and shepherds in the Pannonian Basin of old Yugoslavia.  Originally made from homespun linen, but elegant in cotton, silk, and sheers.  Soft pleats at the shoulders, with a tucked front yoke.  Pattern includes historical information and instructions of decorative stitching on yoke.



Tibetan Panel Coat

Misses Sizes 6-18

A festive full length vest or sleeveless coal still worn by Tibetans today on special occasions.  Its simple rectangular components make it perfect for pieced or hand woven fabrics, or exciting combinations of color and texture.  Pattern includes instructions for traditional stamped design and bound edge, as well as notes for hand weavers.




Misses Sizes 6-18     Men's Sizes 32-44

Three comfortable and timeless pants designs from Turkey, Africa, and India, with elastic or drawstring waist and ankle variations.  Full and flowing easy sew styles are perfect for casual wear, yoga, belly dancing, or costuming.  Historical lore and traditional embroidery designs included.



Hong Kong Cheongsam

Misses Extra Small to 3X Large

This classic exotic dress in two lengths is synonymous with Oriental elegance.  Simple to sew, it has only two main pattern pieces and an appealing side-front opening topped off with a mandarin collar.  Pattern includes instructions for custom fitting and authentic embellishment.



Austrian Dirndl

Misses Sizes 8-16

A favorite at Renaissance Faires and Oktoberfests, this tree piece outfit enhances the maiden in you.  Variations include knee length or low calf length skirt, dirndl bodice with high or low neck, high or low neck blouse and an apron.  Pattern features many options for detailing, ruffling, ruching, and shaping.  Information included about authentic detailing custom fitting, and adapting garment for Renaissance costumes.



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