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Black Forest Smock

Misses Size 6-16 - Men's Sizes 36-44

In Nepal, this wrap and tie blouse is traditionally made of velvet and worn under a wrap style chupa or jumper (like #131 Tibetan Chupa) or over a wrapped and pleated skirt formed from a sari or length of fabric.  The semi-fitted blouse features a wide band collar, tapered sleeves, and deep underarm gussets for ease of movement.  Pattern includes directions for wrapping and pleating a companion skirt.



Hungarian Szur

One Size for Men and Women

Worn by Magyar herdsmen in Hungary as far back as the Middle Ages, the Szur is a dramatic, mid calf coat that was traditionally worn over the shoulders as a cape and lavishly decorated with cutwork felt appliqué.  The geometric shapes of this garment make it an ideal canvas for other handwork techniques, as well as for hand woven fabrics.  Pattern includes instructions for a traditional and contemporary version, appliqué decorations, and historical lore about the Magyar.



Japanese Hakama & Kataginu

Hakama, all sizes     Kataginu, one size

These two essential garments from the traditional samurai or warrior costume were worn over a knee length kimono for formal occasions.  Today, they are frequently worn for official occasions, martial arts, and historic re-enactment.  The pattern includes instructions for cutting pieces for the Koshiita (backboard) in three sizes, as well as tips for fabric selection and Koshiita stiffeners.  The Kataginu is easy to pleat and sew, and can be made to match the Hakama for traditional appearance or as a contrasting wearable art accent.



Scottish Kilts

Kilt - All Sizes    Jacket & Vest Men's 36-48     Knitted Vest Misses S, M, L

The romance of the Scottish Highlands is alive and well in the authentic kilt, kilt skirt, and Prince Charlie jacket and vest.  To complete the ensemble, knit the lacy vest for women and the argyle socks for men.  Pattern includes complete instructions for measuring, pleating and construction the Kilt and Kilt Skirt; pattern pieces for cutting out and instructions for sewing the jacket and vest are included.



Siberian Parka

Sized for men and women Extra Small to Extra Large

A generously sized pullover parka based on a smock worn by men in Western Siberia.  Traditionally made of tanned leather, this easy sew garment is equally wonderful in cozy fleece, sweatshirt material, or any worm outerwear fabric.



Child's Scottish Kilt & Jacket

Child's Sizes 4-14

This child's kilt pattern features a pleating template to simplify the measuring and pleating steps for creating smaller size garments from a length of tartan.  The pattern includes complete step by step instructions for pleating and finishing the garment, with the option of fringed or self faced front edges.  The Prince Charlie jacket is constructed from specific pattern pieces and features authentic garment details for a formal outfit.



Moroccan Djellaba

Women & Men Sizes - XS-3XL

(Men's sizes correspond to Misses measurements).  This loose-fitted, hooded caftan is worn everyday in the Maghreb region of Nort Africa.  Traditionally, they, they were worn ankle length and over shirts with ar witout trousers (for men) and over a caftan for women.  The Djellaba protected the wearer from the sun as well as the cold nights.




Ghanaian Smock

Women & Men Sizes -  XS-XL

This loose-fitting top originated in northern Ghana, but is now worn in many areas of West Africa, and has become popular around the world.  It is called fugu, or batakari, among other terms in Ghana, and is generally made from hand woven strips of fabric with wedge shaped godets inserted below the chest to give it a flared shape.





Prairie Dress

Misses Small, Average & Tall

Worn by the stalwart women who conquered the 19th century American prairie, this flowing dress was traditionally worn with a practical apron.  With or without the apron, mid-calf or ankle-length, the dress is feminine and comfortable.  Instructions for vintage embroidered finishing touches are included.



Victorian Shirt

Misses Sizes 6-22     Men's Chest 32-46

This bib front dress shirt was fashionable for men in the 1870's and is still elegant today.  A perfect companion with a vest or as a woman's oversized tunic or nightshirt.  Pattern includes instructions for finishing touches.



Edwardian Underthings

Sizes Extra Small to 3X Large

Three charming "unmentionables" from the Edwardian bride's trousseau.  The camisole, petticoat, and drawers make lovely undergarments or the prettiest summer outerwear.  Pattern includes instructions for crocheted edging, lace insertion, and decorative embroidery stitches.



Missouri River Boatman's Shirt

Misses Sizes 6-20     Men's Chest 34-48

This roomy pullover work shirt was worn by hard-working raftsmen and fur traders on the rivers of 1800s America.  This shirt is popular with historical re-enactors at Civil War and other historic events.  Instructions for cross-stitch monogram and needle-lace godet for front opening are included.



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