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Gibson Girl Blouse

Misses Sizes Small (10-12) to 3X Large (30-32)

The Gibson Girl was the ideal of feminine beauty at the turn of the 20th century, and by 1905, the Sears Roebuck catalogue offered 150 versions of this blouse.  The high collar, back buttoning yoke style is still just as flattering today.  Instructions for optional tucks and lace insertion included.



Quilted Prairie Skirt

Misses Sizes 6-16

This quilted petticoat was a treasured item in an 18th century wardrobe, whether elaborately Victorian or simply calico.  Ankle- or calf-length, the skirt is softly gathered into a waistband, and has a placketed side opening and optional hem ruffle.  Quilting design transfers are included.



Kinsale Cloak

One Size for Men & Women

This billowing full-length cloak was a tradition in rural Ireland and can still be seen today in West County Cork, and at historic re-enactments everywhere.  The romantic garment fastens at the neck and features a detachable loosely-fitted hood.  Pattern includes fascinating historical lore, notes for hand-weavers, and instructions for finishing touches.



Kinsale Cloak for Young Maidens

Girls Sizes 2-12

The little sister to #FW-207 is a full-length garment that fastens at the neck and features a detachable, loosely fitted hood.  Pattern includes historical lore, notes for hand-weavers, and instructions for finishing touches.



Walking Skirt

Misses Sizes 6-16

As the Victorian age drew to a close at the beginning of the 20th century and the Edwardian age dawned, women entered the arenas of sports and the professions.  This was the skirt they wore, because it was comfortable and yet unencumbered by bustles and hoops.  Full length or street length, with five gores.  Pattern includes instructions for decorative cutwork embroidery (Broderie Anglaise).



Armistice Blouse

Misses Sizes 8-14

This blouse dates from 1918, at the end of World War I.  Fashion was in transition from frills to practicality, and this blouse blends the two beautifully.  The center front panel can be lacy, pin-tucked, or plain; the collar and cuffs can be embellished in may ways.  Pattern includes instructions for drawn thread work,



Two Middies

Women - XS-2XL     Men - S-2XL

The Middy has been a fashion classic for over a hundred years, although it has been a part of naval tradition since the days of sailing ships.  Its popularity peaked in the 1920s when newly liberated women wore Middies for active sports and with skirt for maroe dress occasions.  Come in 2 styles.



Five Frontier Shirts

Misses Sizes 8-16     Men's Chest 36-=46

Choose one of these traditional Western shirts for the cowboy or cowgirl in you, and sew up the five different variations for every day of the week: lace front, square bib, shaped bib, contrast yoke, and traditional bull's head yoke.  Pattern includes historical information and instructions for pipe trim and "smile" pockets.



Child's Prairie Dress & Pinafore

Girls Sizes 2-10

This dress is just like big sister #FW-201, but with a sweet pinafore that fits over the dress instead of an apron.  The dress yoke and pinafore front are perfect for tucked, embroidered, smocked or beaded embellishment.  Also included is a period sunbonnet to protect tender faces.



Empire Dress

Misses Sizes 6-16

This high-waisted dress known as "empire" was worn in the period following the French Revolution in the late 1700's.  The revealing style, requiring few undergarments, reflected a desire to return to simpler, classical Grecian dress after the excesses of the European nobility.  Narrow bodice is gathered into a skirt that is slim in front and full in back.  The optional full length train and sleeve details make it perfect for bridal fashion.



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